Abbotsford Convent tenant Craig Mathewson, will be giving a presentation in conjunction with Dying to Know Day; discussing death, higher purpose and creativity.

Craig will discuss:
• Living with greater purpose in life after a death experience
• Seeding a post-life concept
• Absorb the darkness and you will find the light – revelations from a Taoist Dark Cave; The Death hormone – DMT & Lucid Dreams
• Exploring the Final Door
• Grieving deeply and briefly; for yourself and for the dead
• Exposure to death as an invitation to deepen your relationships
• Relinquishing the comfort of the illusion of immortality
• Creating a Death Box – Aka Life Box
• Death Cafes
• Children’s innate sense of celebrating vs grieving
• Q & A on Death Matters
• ‘The readiness is all’, Shakespeare

Craig has lived in the central Australian desert for 17 years, working on remote indigenous communities and producing cross-cultural theatre and media projects. Inspired by exploring the mysteries of the desert he spent two weeks in a Tao Darkness Retreat in Thailand with Master Mantak Chia. The retreat was in absolute darkness where a natural release of DMT occurs, creating Lucid Dreams. He received profound insights into Death and Higher Purpose, producing a play on the experience; A Play in the Dark. Craig runs workshops and offers private sessions at the Abbotsford Convent, using eternity as inspiration for a more creative and sacred death and life.