Private Sessions

Private Sessions : Finding your Gift 

Working with the Theatreyoga process the private sessions follow the same path as the group workshops, but focuses more intensely on deep enquiry, creative investigation and practical application to revealing obstacles. In private sessions we use the theatreyoga card system as a catalyst to search and discover a persons deepest calling .

Clarifying your intention.
After some further enquiry there is an aligning of your Inner Calling with your intention to offer your Gift to the world.

Identifying the Effort
The type and level of effort required, together with identifying specific Actions needed in order to activate your intention. Working through questions and emotions that arise; doubt, anxiety and the fear of change. Also working through practical questions, such as appropriate working location, finances, and clientele.

“Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not”

- Arnold Beisser

” The theatre yoga workshop was very timely in my personal journey of healing and growth. It helped me identify what I needed to work on next- it brought me to the space between yoga and theatre. A ‘yoga’ person myself, I have since taken up ‘theatre’ to be more confident, to express my true self better and to celebrate who I am…

I am thankful for this experience…”

Elizebeth...Social Worker, Campberwell