Desert Retreats

Central Australia – Theatreyoga Desert Retreats 2017

In 2017 there will be three desert retreats in central Australia during the months of April, May and October. These retreats follow the Theatreyoga pathway of Self-Enquiry & Intention, Effort and Surrender.

Retreats or journeys into the desert have a transformative effect on participants.

Ultimately the desert is an exceptionally powerful setting, a sacred place of healing, clarity and vastness. The extremes of the desert seem to peel away layers of the ego, similar to that of a reptile as it goes through the renewal process of exfoliation.

Retreats are run in the ancient majestic landscape of the East MacDonnell ranges 80 kilometres from Alice Springs and 10 kilometres from N’Dhala Gorge , home to over 6000 Indigenous petroglyphs .

Accommodation is at the Ross River Homestead

N’Dhala Gorge  – Central Australia

A day is given to exploring the remarkable Petroglyphs at N’Dhala Gorge.

One day of the Retreat is a total immersion in the river bed of the 800 million year old Trephina River

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…Central Australia shifts you out of your comfort zone, where you may have been dwelling in the truths you invented for yourself…

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